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Language Test

Please try the test: Banking English Quiz

1) The bank account you use for everyday purposes is called a .......... account.
A) giro
B) running
C) current
D) salary

2) If you have an arrangement with your bank to pay the same amount to a creditor on a regular basis this is known as a ..........
A) direct debit
B) standing order
C) permanent instruction
D) money transfer

3) If you authorise a service provider such as your telephone company to automatically collect money from your account this is known as a .............
A) direct debit
B) booking order
C) collection order
D) final writing process

4) The verb which means to take money from your own bank account is ..........
A) to rob
B) to withdraw
C) to raise
D) to take off

5) If you have taken more money out of your account than you have in your account then you are.....
A) in credit
B) overdrawn
C) writing red figures
D) in the minus

6) If the bank allows you to take more money out of your account than you actually have in it then it gives you.....
A) a disposition
B) an overdraft facility
C) a red possibility
D) an overdrawing opportunity

7) The office of the bank where your account is held is known as your ...
A) affiliate
B) subsidiary
C) branch
D) account holding office

8) If the bank lends you money to buy a car, for example, then it gives you a....
A) credit
B) salary
C) loan
D) present

9) A special kind of loan that is used to pay for a house is known as a ...
A) house lending credit
B) mortgage
C) hypothecary
D) charge

10) A building society is...
A) a kind of bank traditionally used to finance house construction
B) a company that builds houses
C) another expression for a shopping centre
D) a start up company

11) If you have withdrawn too much money from your account then you are...
A) writing red figures
B) in the minus
C) in the red
D) in credit

12) If you invest money in a savings account you will usually be paid ...
A) interests
B) interest rate
C) interest
D) growth

13) The relationship between two currencies is known as the....
A) change rate
B) changing price
C) exchange rate
D) exchanging rate

14) The figures in your account number which identify your particular bank branch are known as the...
A) ID figures
B) sort code
C) branch numbers
D) bank branch identification code

E) sorting code

15) The itemised print out listing all your financial transactions in, say, the last month which you can obtain from your bank is known as a ...
A) transaction list
B) statement
C) account extract
D) balance inquiry

16) The actual amount you have in your account is known as the ...
A) final countdown
B) bottom sum
C) bank balance
D) banking balance

17) What is a pass book?
A) a book of free gift vouchers that you get when you open an account
B) a bank book for a savings account
C) a form of identification necessary when you open an account
D) a certificate stating that you have passed your banking examinations

18) ATM stands for
A) alternative transfer method
B) automatic teller machine
C) automated teller machine
D) automatic transfer machine

19) Which of the following words or phrases can NOT be used as a synonym for cash machine?
A) hole in the wall
B) cash dispenser
C) financial transaction point
D) cash point

20) What is the nickname for the Bank of England?
A) The Queen's Coffers
B) The Old Lady of Threadneedle Street
C) The City Exchequer
D) The Tuppenny Treasury


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