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Language Test

Please try the test: Question Tags Test

1) Mike was born in Leeds, ..... ?
A) doesn't he
B) isn't it
C) wasn't he
D) won't he

2) Ciaran plays bass guitar, .....?
A) doesn't he
B) isn't he
C) does he
D) plays he

3) You would like to win the lottery, ... ?
A) isn't it
B) would you
C) wouldn't you
D) don't you

4) You're not in the telephone book, .... ?
A) isn't it
B) aren't you
C) are you
D) do you

5) Your number isn't in the phone book, ...?
A) is it
B) are you
C) aren't you
D) isn't it

6) Sales rose by 10% last year, ...?
A) don't they
B) aren't they
C) did they
D) didn't they

E) isn't it

7) Tim Berners Lee invented the internet, ....?
A) isn't it
B) did he
C) doesn't he
D) didn't he

8) Relocating to London will be really expensive, ....?
A) aren't you
B) will it
C) won't it
D) doesn't it

9) He has worked in Munich for 20 years, ...?
A) doesn't he
B) does he
C) has he
D) hasn't he

10) Your dad works in Leeds, ...?
A) isn't he
B) does he
C) works he
D) doesn't he

E) can't he

11) You shouldn't drink so much, ....?
A) do you
B) don't you
C) should you
D) shouldn't you

12) Let's go to the cinema tomorrow night, ...?
A) will we
B) can we
C) shall we
D) do we

E) don't we

13) You never work on Friday afternoons, ...?
A) don't you
B) isn't it
C) aren't you
D) do you

E) are you

14) We ought to think about making a move, ...?
A) don't we
B) shouldn't we
C) oughtn't we
D) ought we

E) shall we

15) I'm confusing you, ...?
A) don't I
B) aren't I
C) do I
D) am I


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