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Materials to download

Jobs go east service goes west

Alienation killed a marriage made in heaven

You are what you eat

When the axe falls

Third of sick days not due to ill health

The tricks your bank likes to pull on you

Study finds UK a nation of workaholics

Sorry to hear you're leaving

Just how far will you go for your job

Firms face 'strain drain' due to stress

Fear of fraud deters most Europeans from buying online

Do you also hate management jargon

Beautifying branches

Banking rip-offs

Are You Getting Enough

Anatomy of a budget flight

An English sandwich in New York

Bosses take aim at a holy cow

Skills crisis deepens in the capital

English and ESP
Use this exercise to help students practice getting telephone information

Test your banking English vocabulary

Giant HR Crossword 1

Social English Crossword

Financial Services & Insurance
10 tips for insuring your family's pets

10 tips for investing in with-profits funds

10 tips to get the best advice

At-a-glance guide to investment terms

10 ways to protect your income if you become ill

Elderly man sold 35 life policies

Save now to avoid pension misery

Workers to face pension edict

Ways to survive on an uncertain income

Unhealthy lifestyle, healthy annuity

Term assurance Deals improve at last

Ten ways to cut cost of home insurance

Ten tips to make a successful insurance claim

Ten tips to get best private health cover

Ten tips for picking the right life insurance

Ten tips for cutting the cost of car insurance

Damons hit by costly car premiums

Save now to avoid pension misery

Can you trust your adviser

Picking a pension fund

Pensions providers to cut sales incentives

Is your company pension scheme satisfactory

Insurers plan to give houses burglar rating

Insurance industry leaves customers out in the cold

How to avoid being snared by the small print trap

Finding an IFA

Facing the tall order of a mortgage shortfall

Don't take low rates lying down

Shopping around


Legal stuff
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