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Useful Links

English Language Newspapers
True Blues might prefer the Daily Telegraph.

The Daily Express

And just to give you a balanced view of the day's news reach for The Independent .

Ever heard of The Thunderer? (Paywall)

If you want to go a little bit down-market try the Daily Mirror

What's my personal favourite newspaper? The Guardian

The famous pink 'un: the Financial Times. As they say 'No FT, No Comment!'

For those who like their news in weekly slices, there's always The Economist (registration required)

ESOL / ESP / Business
Believe it or not -- English courses for native speakers

Business English from Macmillan

English grammar on the web

All about the TOEIC test

A slang dictionary -- approach with caution

IMHO the best Business English magazine available

If in doubt consult The Economist

Economist Online Dictionary of Economics

Excellent resource for authentic business listening material (free registration required)

Pep Up Your Presentations (Please consider any copyright issues)

Excellent business education resource

Basically, shedloads of English tests!

Loadsa business-related resources

See the rules Guardian journalists work by

These guys are the real professionals when it comes to EFL

Business English course in conjunction with the FT

Lots of English learning material

Anglo-German cross-cultural advice from my friend Patrick Schmidt

One stop shop for EFL & ESP

As in so many things Auntie Beeb (BBC) knows best

Design your own vocab tests, puzzles etc using this site

Learn how to write English gobbledygook free!

Lots of grammar exercises and explanations (low level and mainly aimed at Germans)

Does what it says on the tin

Economist blog on the use and abuse of English

A bit like a Debretts for the Facebook generation

A magazine devoted to presentations and Powerpoint

Inspirational presentations, speeches and talks (great for listening practice!)

Let the British Council help you improve your English

Excellent software for learning & testing vocabulary

Enhance your wordpower with this "mind-mapping" dictionary

Good source of business interviews (mainly for advanced learners)

Useful website that will check the spelling and grammar of your pasted text

Excellent German-English dictionary

Guidance on writing CVs

Useful resource for language-related queries

Enlarge your vocabulary with One Word a Day (free registration required)

Nice site all about language

A language-related 'blog'

Lots of typical tests that employers use

How to build your vocabulary and feed the world at the same time

Vocabulary help from Martin's Little Helper (only in German)

Lots of inter-cultural information

All about resigning

Just For Fun
One for the steam train enthusiasts

One of my favourite eating places in Vienna

Wallow in TV nostalgia

Let's hear it for the Bard of Barking!

Never misunderstood a song lyric? I bet you have!

Ireland's best-kept secret -- with my mate and ex-boss Ciaran on bass

"It's not like that on the TV when it's Cool For Cats" -- Squeeze: Purveyors of three-minute urban melodramas!

What do you mean you recognise the tune but can't understand the lyrics? (German only)

My favourite European capital

Marchin' on Together! The Mighty Whites

Football fans have to get their monthly fix of FourFourTwo

Just couldn't resist this but no I've never been

West Yorkshire 1980s heavy rock from the Seymour clan

Design and send your own (funny) greetings cards with Moonpig

The so-called virtual scrapbook of Englishness

Terrace Chants: sez it all really

When Saturday Comes: half decent footie magazine so they say

What was number one on the day you were born?

Bet it's a good place to live

When a dog takes over control (only in German)

The Heurigen Express: kitsch but fun...

Cool bar in Lower Austria

One of the first bars I ever went to in Vienna (Thanks Fitzi!)

'ver Quo: Heads-Down, No Nonsense, Mindless Boogie

Where I started my EFL career

Mike's Mate Marmite

Leeds' Finest!

Bits of the London Underground you never see

Recommended UK (and Irish) training centres
As a Northerner I don't advise going to London for training but if you must then these people will look after you very well.

Looking for top-class Business English training in the UK in a rural idyll? Try my good friends at Lydbury English Centre.

Excellent English training centre in the South West of England

If you want to improve your Business English in the north of England look no further than York Associates.

Verve Training offers bespoke business writing and media training courses for companies in the UK and abroad

Looking for training in Ireland ? Aisling Ireland will look after you very well

Translation aids
Excellent resource for any employment or labour market terminology problems

Dictionary of Neologisms

Multilingual HR Lexicon

Technology Glossary

For all those tricky little acronyms we come across

Financial Glossary

Real Estate Glossary

Excellent Banking and Financial Glossary from LloydsTSB

Your banking terminology questions answered

Travel Tips
Mike's hometown

My favourite hotel whenever I'm in Berlin

The Mal: Mike's favourite hotel chain

Highly recommended hotel in Paris

One of the prettiest fishing villages on the East Coast of England

Don't get lost in London

Travelling by train? Then NetworkRail can help you with train times

Excellent place to stay in Whitby on the North Yorkshire coast

If you're coming to Leeds bring your credit cards

The best fish n chips in the country so they say

Looking for a really authentic British pub?

Stretch your legs and learn about London while you're doing so

Bibi's in Leeds: a Seymour family tradition

This restaurant has to be seen to be believed

Budget hotel chain with hotels throughout the UK

Travel in the UK without taking the train

Brum -- England's second city

Travel back in time in Amsterdam

Low-cost accommodation in London during university vacations

Officially the best restaurant in the UK and second best on the planet

Excellent B&B in Swansea in Wales

Spent many a happy childhood afternoon here...

How do I get there from here?

Yorkshire: God's Own Country

London pub guide


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