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How can Mike Seymour help you?

Lots of professionals think they speak good English; sadly only some of them actually do and the situations in which a native speaker would cringe at an unusual, embarrassing or confusing turn of phrase or expression are legion.

  • Let me try to be short and pregnant (i.e. expecting a baby)
  • He is my chef since 10 years (i.e. I have my own professional cook)
  • My girlfriend is a Turkey(Is she a bird or a country?)
  • Tomorrow I have to stay in the office with my piles(What? haemorrhoids?)

are just four authentic examples!

If you have put a lot of time and effort into mastering and perfecting your command of English why not go the final mile and have intensive training with a professional native speaker:

  • someone who knows what you want to say but also knows that you haven't quite put it the right way;
  • someone who focuses on your every word and doesn't just think, 'Well I know what he meant so I won't bother correcting him!'
  • someone who is familiar with the terminology and concepts in your line of business
  • someone who is familiar with the cultural differences that exist between the UK / USA and your country
  • someone who -- thanks to the opportunities provided by the Internet and other research facilities -- can provide authentic study material or who has access to a network of contacts in the UK who can help if he can't.
  • someone who'll provide a holistic approach to training: someone who'll use every situation as one in which you can learn and who'll answer e-mail queries or make every phone call with you in English and give you feedback afterwards After all, learning by doing is always the best way.

This all sounds like standard practice but unfortunately many other language training providers don't seem to think so. If this sounds like the kind of language trainer and coach you need then call Mike Seymour.


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