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Visitors Book


Nice of you to drop by; please sign the visitors‘ book and let me know what you think of my site.....

  Entry by: Doug Hallam

Hi Mike, The list of typical mistakes made by German speakers is hugely useful for my English classes. Thanks a million for that.
Here's one you might want to include:
"whatever" does NOT mean "wie auch immer", but "allerdings" or "jedoch"
Take care,


  Email: dougie.hallam@web.de

  Entry by: Alexander

Lieber Mike Seymour, danke für die tolle Liste mit den typischen Fehlern. Ich finde die Tipps sehr hilfreich, da ich einige Fehler aus meinem eigenen Sprachgebraucht wieder erkenne.


  Email: alex.finger@hotmail.de

  Entry by: Thomas

Hi Mike (#400),
Nice (#7) to have found your site again.
I still remember Coldplay (Alter Wartesaal) in the late 90s…

It’s a pity that the visitors book ends now in 2007, so the older records can’t be reached any longer.

2 hints about the latest tips&tricks?
(By the way: Dank der letzten Rechtschreibreform muss es im Deutschen jetzt Tipps heissen - sorry for that…)

#388 Another example for this change of meaning is jazz.
In the early 20th century some musicians didn’t use this word because of its ambiguity (sexual connotation).
#403 another person called gaffer is a member of a film-crew.
That’s where gaffer tape (also: MacGyver-Tape) has its name from,
because it was easy to handle and very useful.

;-) Thomas


  Email: caris@gmx.de

  Entry by: Josefa Reuber

Dear Mike,
Thank you so much for the many useful tips on your website. I will recommend these tips to my students. Maybe I should make them learn the tips for the next classtest. (Just joking. ;-) )
Best wishes,


  Email: Josefa.Reuber@gmx.de

  Entry by: Maxine Musterfrau

Working with you really helped me to improve my spoken English. Thanks a lot.


  Email: maxine.musterfrau@gmail.com



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