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You are based in Bonn. Can you help me with regular one-to-one training if I live much further afield?
In short, not at short notice, no. But organising a weekend seminar or intensive training over several days is no problem?

Do you use your own premises?
At present, no. For the client's convenience most of my work is done in the offices of the people I train, in in-house training centres or in hotels. Big companies often have arrangements with hotel chains or can negotiate much better terms than I could as a freelancer.

My company/organisation specialises in civil engineering or producing medical equipment or in nuclear physics. Are you still the right man for me?
Not necessarily. My own personal philosophy is that the best ESP trainers & translators work in fields they understand and with which they are familiar. If I don't understand the technical content of what you are saying I can't judge whether it is correct or not. Experience has taught me that even the best dictionaries and literature on the market are no substitute for a good grounding in the field concerned. This does not always mean that I could not help you but if a real specialist is available he or she might be a better bet. Of course ESP trainers who also happen to be engineers or surgeons are pretty thin on the ground!

I need to book a few hours with you at short notice, say for the following day? Will you be available?
It goes without saying that specialists and experts in their field rarely sit around at home waiting for the phone to ring. This goes for me too. After all if I were constantly at home on call this wouldn't reflect very well on my capabilities, would it? If I do happen to be free then of course I'm available for you at short notice; if not, we have to find a time when I am.

How much do you charge?
Personally I do not fix my training rates in advance. The final charge depends on the season, on my availability, on the volume of work you are booking and on the amount of advance preparation and research necessary. However, a typical figure would be in the region of € 3000 + VAT for a week's training plus all travel and accommodation expenses of course. My weekend, hourly and daily rates are available on request.

How many hours per day or week does a seminar last?
I don't specify a number of hours per day or per week. Again, my own philosophy dictates that if I am working with you or your company then I am working with you exclusively. Training seminars take on the form of an extended role play where everything is done in English: meals, breaks, chats in the bar etc.

What about translation & proof-reading work?
My translation rates begin at € 1.50 per line @ 55 characters plus VAT at the current rate. More complex documents, specialist material, rapid deadlines and similar may cost more. My proof-reading and editing rates vary depending on the material in question and are available on request.

If you can't help can you recommend anyone who can?
Yes. I have a network of business and language training contacts in Germany and the UK with whom I've worked in the past and whom I'd have no hesitation in recommending if I'm unavailable.

Sounds interesting. So how do I get in touch with you?
Easy. Give me a ring on ~49 (0) 228 327448; Fax me on ~ 49 (0) 228 2425402 or mail me on mike@mikeseymour.com and we can discuss your needs and arrange an initial meeting / chat.


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