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Language Test

Please try the test: Adjectives and Adverbs

1) He can speak English very ...
A) good
B) goodly
C) well
D) bad

2) He speaks very .... English
A) well
B) goodly
C) badly
D) good

3) The presentation was very .... prepared
A) carefully
B) careful
C) good
D) bad

4) I think he does his job very ....
A) good
B) bad
C) well
D) thorough

5) He works very .....! He always comes in early and stays late.
A) hardy
B) hard
C) hardly
D) good

6) I've never met such a lazy woman. She ...... does any work!
A) hard
B) hardly
C) doesn't
D) infrequent

7) I thought it was a really ..... film
A) badly
B) good
C) well
D) terribly

8) He drives ...... but ........!
A) slow / careful
B) slowly / careful
C) slow / carefully
D) slowly / carefully

9) On German motorways the drivers drive ....... than in the UK
A) more fast
B) more fastly
C) fastlier
D) more quickly

10) How is your dessert? -- It tastes very ......
A) well
B) good
C) goodly
D) deliciously


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