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Language Test

Please try the test: Company English Quiz

1) Another word for the Head Office of a company is..........
A) general directorate
B) central office
C) headquarter
D) headquarters

2) You can recognise that a UK company's shares are listed on the stock exchange by the letters ....................after the company name
A) Ltd
B) plc
C) S.E.

3) In a continental European company the body which monitors the activities of the senior directors and has representatives from the employees among its members is known as the.............
A) non-executive directorship
B) supervisory board
C) supervising board
D) watchdog

4) A company that is 100% owned by another company is called a
A) branch office
B) daughter company
C) subsidiary
D) subsidy

5) Some continental European companies have a kind of internal trade union to look after the employees' interests. It is known as the .....
A) working council
B) company union
C) works council
D) operative advisory council

6) Which of the following expressions is NOT usually used to describe the person at the very top of a company?
A) Chief
B) Chief Executive Officer
C) Chairman of the Board
D) Managing Director

7) Which of the terms below is NOT usually used to describe large companies such as KPMG or Price Waterhouse Coopers?
A) chartered accountants
B) bookkeepers
C) certified public accountants
D) external auditors

8) The place in a company where the top directors meet is known as the....
A) boardroom
B) hotel suite
C) conference facility
D) directors' casino

9) What do you do in a casino?
A) gamble
B) have lunch
C) sleep
D) have a meeting

10) The word that describes the debts a company owes to other people / companies is
A) assets
B) owings
C) liability
D) liabilities

11) What happens to an employee who is laid off?
A) he resigns
B) he loses his job owing to economic problems in the company
C) he is given a better job in the company
D) he switches from full time to part time employment

12) Which of these verbs is the odd one out (means something different)?
A) to make somebody redundant
B) to sack
C) to recruit
D) to downsize

13) In stock exchange language what does p / e ratio stand for?
A) personnel / employer ratio
B) price / earnings ratio
C) price / exchange ratio
D) portfolio / equity ratio

14) What is the Footsie?
A) a mysterious monster-like beast found in the Appalachian mountains in America
B) a well-known cartoon character in a comic strip in the Financial Times
C) an imaginary disease suffered by lazy employees
D) the London stock exchange

15) What do the initials AGM stand for ?
A) Annualised Gross Margin
B) Annual General Meeting
C) Adjusted Growth Margin
D) Actual Gross Majority

16) Which word describes the 'financial reward' a shareholder gets for owning shares?
A) interest
B) dividend
C) share bonus
D) commission

17) What has happened to a company that has called in the Receivers?
A) it has been bought by a telecommunications company
B) it has merged with a competitor
C) it has gone bankrupt
D) it has decided to list on the stock exchange

18) plc stands for....
A) private limited corporation
B) public limited company
C) private limited company
D) public liability certificate

19) What happens if a company is floated?
A) it goes bankrupt
B) it is broken up after a hostile takeover
C) it is listed on the stock exchange for the first time
D) it has to close down because of flood damage

20) What is the main business of a building society?
A) lending money
B) building houses
C) managing offices and shopping malls
D) renting property


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