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Language Test

Please try the test: English Grammar Test

1) What ... you reading?
A) do
B) does
C) are
D) is

2) She can swim very ...
A) good
B) goodly
C) well
D) perfect

3) He has ... books in his study.
A) much
B) many of
C) many
D) a lot

4) She always ... work at 9 o`clock.
A) starts
B) does start
C) is starting
D) start

5) She ... English food.
A) isn't liking
B) not like
C) don't like
D) doesn't like

6) Look! The bus...!
A) is coming
B) comes
C) does come
D) come

7) How often ... in Lydbury?
A) is it raining
B) does it rain
C) it is raining
D) it rains

8) She ... type very fast.
A) can
B) is able
C) knows
D) knows how

9) She drives ..., but she's a ... driver.
A) quick/careful
B) quick/carefully
C) quickly/carefully
D) quickly/careful

10) Terry is ... tall ... Peter.
A) so/as
B) so/than
C) as/than
D) as/as

11) She put ... sugar in her tea.
A) a little
B) a few
C) a little of
D) few

12) Will you bring me ... books that I left in your house?
A) these
B) those
C) this
D) that

13) I never drink whisky ... morning.
A) the
B) in
C) in the
D) on the

14) He came to see us ... Saturday.
A) in
B) on
C) to
D) the

15) He arrived here ... 3.30.
A) at
B) on
C) with
D) to

16) My birthday is ... February 29th.
A) in
B) at
C) the
D) on

17) It's time to go ... home.
A) -
B) to
C) at
D) in

18) Is it ... raining? – No, the sun has come out ...
A) yet/again
B) still/again
C) still/yet
D) yet/still

19) Everybody ... buy this book.
A) wants to
B) want to
C) wants
D) want

20) ... is being in prison ...?
A) Which/ -
B) What/like
C) How/ -
D) How/like

21) ... coat is this? – It's ...
A) Whom/John
B) Whose/John
C) Whose/John's
D) Whom/John's

22) My pen is the same ...
A) than you
B) than yours
C) as you
D) as yours

23) They're not ... drinks: they're ...
A) our/their
B) our/theirs
C) ours/their
D) ours/theirs

24) How ... time have you got? – I don't have ...
A) many/some
B) many/any
C) much/any
D) much/some

25) Have you got ... stamps? – I think ... are some on my desk.
A) some/they
B) some/that
C) any/there
D) any/they

26) I didn't tell any secrets to ...
A) anyone
B) someone
C) no one
D) nobody

27) What time is it? – It's ...
A) three and a quarter
B) three and fifteen
C) a quarter
D) quarter past three

28) The man ... was chosen is my uncle.
A) which
B) whom
C) who
D) what

29) The woman ... car was stolen is a pianist.
A) of whom
B) whose
C) which
D) that

30) Vienna is more beautiful ... Leeds.
A) as
B) that
C) than
D) of

31) Nathan drives more ... his father.
A) faster than
B) fast as
C) quickly as
D) quickly than

32) He doesn't like spinach, ...?
A) doesn't he
B) does he
C) isn't he
D) isn't it

33) He always works very ...
A) hard
B) hardly
C) harder
D) hardy

34) The phone ... while I was in the bath.
A) rung
B) rang
C) did ring
D) was rung

35) When ... home?
A) they arrived
B) they did arrive
C) did they arrive
D) have they arrived

36) Finally, they ... his offer.
A) not accepted
B) did not accept
C) were not accepted
D) could not be accepted

37) He never came, ...?
A) was he
B) has he
C) didn't he
D) did he

38) How much ... at the party yesterday?
A) were you drunk
B) you drank
C) did you drink
D) have you drunk

39) Last night we all ... to the cinema.
A) have gone
B) did go
C) went
D) have been

40) When ... their homework?
A) did they
B) they did
C) have they done
D) did they do

41) They ... a party yesterday, after all.
A) had not
B) have not
C) have not had
D) didn't have

42) The passengers on the Titanic ... hymns as their ship ...
A) sung/sank
B) sung/sunk
C) sang/sank
D) sang/sunk

43) He ... with enthusiasm, but soon ... bored.
A) begun/became
B) began/became
C) began/become
D) begun/become

44) He had ... to the airport and had ... to America before they managed to contact him.
A) drove/flown
B) drove/flew
C) driven/flown
D) driven/flew

45) I think it ... snow tonight.
A) is going to
B) is
C) can
D) shall

46) Will it be fine tomorrow? – I hope ...
A) so
B) it
C) -
D) that

47) Arthur ... me that he was a painter.
A) mentioned
B) told
C) talked
D) said

48) I asked him ... me.
A) to help
B) for helping
C) will he help
D) that he help

49) He went to Austria ... German.
A) for learning
B) to be learned
C) to learn
D) that he learn

50) ... I carry your bag? - No thank you.
A) Will
B) Shall
C) Do
D) Would

51) Would you mind ... the window?
A) to open
B) open
C) that I open
D) opening

52) When did you get here? – I have ... come back.
A) still
B) yet
C) been
D) just

53) I haven't finished that book ...
A) always
B) still
C) yet
D) already

54) I ... for the bus ... half an hour.
A) am waiting/since
B) am waiting/for
C) have been waiting/for
D) have waited/since

55) In the past six months I ... several good films.
A) saw
B) have seen
C) have to see
D) had seen

56) This is the best cup of coffee that I ...
A) never drank
B) never have drunk
C) have ever drunk
D) have never drunk

57) This is the second time he ... England.
A) has been to
B) is coming to
C) comes to
D) comes in

58) Up to now, I ... this tie only three times.
A) have worn
B) have been wearing
C) was wearing
D) wore

59) The Berlin Wall fell ...
A) for 18 years
B) 18 years ago
C) since 18 years ago
D) since 1989

60) How long ago ... in Korneuburg?
A) did he work
B) has he worked
C) has he been working
D) he worked

61) They asked us where ...
A) was the station
B) to go to the station
C) the station was
D) is the station

62) He ... the waiter to ... him some pudding.
A) said/take
B) told/take
C) told/bring
D) said/bring

63) He told me ... she had said.
A) what
B) that what
C) which
D) that which

64) She is the ... woman in the world.
A) more beautiful
B) most beautiful
C) very beautiful
D) extremely beautiful

65) Of all my students, he is the one who works ...
A) less
B) less well
C) the less
D) the least

66) I ... down the street when I ... an old friend.
A) walked/was meeting
B) was walking/met
C) was walking/was meeting
D) walked/have met

67) I can never remember their address. I always ... look it up.
A) must
B) need
C) have to
D) ought

68) I ... take an umbrella. It isn't going to rain.
A) must not
B) needn't
C) haven't to
D) ought not

69) He ... get up very early yesterday.
A) must
B) ought to
C) had to
D) must have

70) It started to rain, so he ... water the garden.
A) wasn't having to
B) didn't have to
C) must not have
D) needn't have

71) They ... to try harder, if they want to win.
A) should
B) must
C) ought
D) would

72) After he ... for 30 years, he suddenly gave it up.
A) smoked
B) was smoking
C) has smoked
D) had smoked

73) She asked me how ... I had lived in Mons.
A) much time
B) long
C) long for
D) long time

74) Next month he ... for that company for exactly 35 years.
A) will work
B) will be working
C) will have worked
D) has worked

75) When I ... back to France, I shall visit my mum in Carnaud.
A) will go
B) go
C) will have gone
D) shall go

76) You will understand English much better when you ... here another month.
A) will be
B) will have been
C) have been
D) are

77) I'll wait until you ...
A) will arrive
B) will have arrived
C) shall arrive
D) arrive

78) It was many years since we ... such a hot summer.
A) have had
B) had
C) had had
D) were to have

79) Will you ... me to turn the lights off?
A) remember
B) recall
C) remind
D) record

80) The concert will ... two hours, and then it will ... half an hour to get home.
A) last/take
B) take/need
C) take/last
D) last/need

81) When did you ... to London?
A) arrive
B) stay
C) get
D) reach

82) He quickly ... tired nowadays. Of course, he ... older.
A) is/becomes
B) is/is getting
C) gets/becomes
D) gets/is getting

83) She was ... unhappy ... notice the beauties of the place.
A) too much/to
B) too much/that she should
C) too/than she should
D) too/to

84) The television was too heavy ... carry it.
A) that I should
B) that I could
C) to
D) for me to

85) He likes ... jazz.
A) to listen
B) to listening
C) listening
D) listening to

86) He spends a lot of time ... television.
A) to watch
B) to see
C) watching
D) seeing

87) He's a friend ...
A) of me
B) of mine
C) with mine
D) with me

88) They left the building, putting ... on ...
A) their hat/their head
B) a hat/the head
C) their hats/their heads
D) their hats/the head

89) I have given up ... tennis, but I still enjoy ... golf.
A) playing/to play
B) playing/playing
C) to play/playing
D) to play/to play

90) He admitted ... the money.
A) to steal
B) to have stolen
C) of stealing
D) stealing

91) I would like him ... to the party.
A) coming
B) be coming
C) to come
D) come

92) Stop ... so many mistakes!
A) making
B) doing
C) to do
D) to make

93) ... your best not to ... a noise.
A) do/make
B) do/do
C) make/make
D) make/do

94) It's time you made the children ... to bed.
A) go
B) to go
C) going
D) gone

95) They accused her ... some ear-rings.
A) to steal
B) that she stole
C) to have stolen
D) of stealing

96) I didn't know the questions were ... hard.
A) so
B) much
C) such
D) such very

97) She has ... hard job with ... difficult students.
A) so/such
B) such/so
C) such a/such
D) such a/so

98) If you're tired, you had better ... at home this evening.
A) to stay
B) stay
C) have stayed
D) staying

99) I'd rather ... a warm beer ... a chilled red wine.
A) drink/than
B) drink/that
C) to drink/than
D) to drink/that

100) Do you think it ... rain this afternoon? – I ... say.
A) can/can't
B) can/may not
C) may/may not
D) may/can't


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