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Language Test

Please try the test: False Friends Test

1) If you find something irritating then ....
A) it confuses you
B) it makes you a little bit sad
C) it causes you pain
D) it annoys you a little bit

2) If someone blames you for something then....
A) they make you look foolish
B) they embarrass you
C) they hold you responsible for something
D) they say you have done a bad job

3) If you describe something as handy you mean that it is.....
A) portable
B) useful
C) very small
D) only as big as a mobile phone

4) Instant coffee, jam and marmalade are usually sold in a...
A) glass
B) carton
C) jar
D) box

5) Hymns are sung.....
A) on state occasions
B) before football matches
C) in church
D) at Christmas

6) The money you receive after you have retired from work (at 65) is called your....
A) rent
B) payoff
C) benefit
D) pension

7) You store papers and other documents in a ....
A) map
B) folder
C) flyer
D) wallet

8) Before you can use public transport you need to buy a .....
A) card
B) voucher
C) ticket
D) purse

9) In a restaurant you select your food by choosing from the....
A) menu
B) menu card
C) card
D) list

10) Before you decide what to watch on TV you might consult the....
A) TV program
B) TV programme
C) TV guide
D) tour guide

11) In which subject at school would you learn about fractions?
A) Politics
B) History
C) Mathematics
D) Biology

12) Another name for the money you are paid every week is your...
A) loan
B) mortgage
C) wage
D) credit

13) You might use a small yellow Post-It to leave a ..... for a colleague.
A) voicemail
B) notice
C) note
D) letter

14) It is important to get good ....... such as a 1 or an A at school.
A) marks
B) notes
C) scores
D) points

15) You wink with your....
A) hands
B) eyes
C) wrists
D) legs


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