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Language Test

Please try the test: HR English Quiz

1) Which of these verbs is the odd one out (has a different meaning to the others)?
A) to resign
B) to hand in your notice
C) to recruit
D) to lay off

E) to make someone redundant

2) Which of these verbs is NOT used in an HR context?
A) to lay off
B) to set free
C) to fire
D) to give somebody notice

E) to sack

3) Which of these is NOT a fringe benefit?
A) creche facilities
B) salary
C) company car
D) staff discount

E) subsidised cafeteria

4) What is a pay slip?
A) A mistake made by the payroll department
B) Underwear worn by a male stripper
C) A statement showing your salary and deductions
D) A drop in your salary

E) A demotion as a result of an error

5) Another name for Human Resources Department is...
A) Personal Department
B) Personnel Department
C) Personell Department
D) Employee Department

6) The internal organisation that represents employees' interests within a German company is the ...
A) trade union
B) labour union
C) works council
D) workers council

E) employee committee

7) Which of these verbs is the odd one out (does not mean the same as the others)?
A) to resign
B) to quit
C) to sack
D) to hand in your notice

E) to tender your resignation

8) What does the abbreviation TUC stand for?
A) Trades Union Congress
B) Trade Union Company
C) Training Undertaking Contract
D) Trainee Underwriters Convention

9) What is a shop steward?
A) A sales assistant on a cruise liner
B) A trade union representative in a company
C) A sales manager
D) An airline representative

10) The 'document ' provided by a former employer for an employee to show to prospective new employers is usually called ...
A) a recommendation
B) an attestation
C) a reference
D) a degree

E) a notice

11) Which word is the odd one out (does not belong with the others)?
A) vacation
B) leave
C) holiday
D) vacancy

12) Another word for a day's holiday is a day .......
A) free
B) off
C) out
D) away

13) TOIL stands for.....
A) time off in lieu
B) time offered in leave
C) try out in laboratory
D) telephone operator in London

14) If a company provides financial assistance to its cafeteria, reducing the prices, this is known as a ....
A) subvention
B) subsidiary
C) subsidy
D) subsidise

15) STL stands for ......
A) Seasonal Training Leave
B) Senior Team Leader
C) Season Ticket Loan
D) Stupid Trainee Letter

16) The letter you send to a company asking for a job is called ...
A) an interview
B) an application
C) a proposal
D) an introductory letter

17) In American English the word for curriculum vitae is
A) summary
B) resumé
D) life course

18) What is PAYE?
A) A system of deducting income tax at source
B) A payroll administration system
C) The public transport system in Philadelphia
D) A performance evaluation method

19) The type of large office layout usually associated with a call centre is called ...
A) a large room office
B) an open plan office
C) an open space office
D) a paperless office

20) Which of these words is the odd one out (means something different to the others)?
A) review
B) appraisal
C) evaluation
D) criticism


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