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Language Test

Please try the test: Insurance English Quiz

1) A customer of an insurance company is called a ...
A) client
B) policyholder
C) claimant
D) passenger

2) If you have a car accident then you contact your insurer to make a ....
A) complaint
B) damage
C) claim
D) excess

3) The sum of money you pay to your insurance company is called the ...
A) contribution
B) premium
C) claim
D) excess

4) The 'protection' you get from your insurer is usually known as .....
A) protection
B) assistance
C) help
D) cover

5) The document showing that you have a contract with an insurer is called the ....
A) policy
B) claim form
C) schedule
D) deed

6) The part of a claim that you pay yourself is called the ....
A) premium
B) excess
C) claim part
D) self-share

7) The best kind of motor insurance cover is known as ....
A) third party
B) third party, fire and theft
C) fully comprehensive
D) full cover

8) An independent businessman who finds you the best insurance is called ....
A) an agent
B) a broker
C) a marketmaker
D) an arranger

9) If someone breaks into your house you would claim on your .....
A) motor insurance policy
B) life insurance policy
C) term policy
D) household contents policy

10) The lifetime of an insurance contract is called the ...
A) duration
B) term
C) life
D) run time

11) The kind of life insurance that also acts as an investment is known as ....
A) term insurance
B) endowment insurance
C) liability insurance
D) mortality insurance

12) The kind of life insurance policy that allows you to invest in the stock market is known as ...
A) a fund policy
B) a unit-linked policy
C) a term policy
D) an endowment policy

13) If you cancel your life insurance policy early this is known as ...
A) surrendering your policy
B) maturing your policy
C) proposing your policy
D) selling your policy

14) The sum of money you receive when an endowment policy ends is known as the ...
A) surrender value
B) maturity value
C) cash-in value
D) terminal bonus

15) The document that you fill in before becoming a policyholder is called the ...
A) application form
B) proposal form
C) contract of insurance
D) policy schedule


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