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Language Test

Please try the test: Mini English Grammar Test

1) I usually get ...... from work at eight o'clock.
A) home
B) to home
C) for home
D) at home

2) Mike and Peter have two computers in ...... office.
A) there
B) their
C) they're
D) --

3) Claire ...... the business news on TV every evening.
A) looks
B) sees
C) watches
D) watch

4) The files are in ....
A) the office of my colleague
B) the office from my colleague
C) my colleague's office
D) my colleague her office

5) Kristina ... home early yesterday.
A) has gone
B) gone
C) went
D) has got

6) A friend ....... works in Brussels.
A) of me
B) of my
C) of I
D) of mine

7) I ..... liked to go to the match but I couldn't get a ticket.
A) would had
B) had
C) would have
D) would of

8) The traffic was terrible ...
A) today morning
B) this morning
C) today in the morning
D) tomorrow morning

9) If you're not feeling well you .... better go home early.
A) had
B) would
C) have
D) would have

10) Yesterday morning I .... to ..... up at 6 o'clock.
A) have / get
B) had / got
C) had / get
D) -- / got

11) Would you mind .... your surname for me?
A) to spell
B) spelling
C) to be spelling
D) spell

12) She has given up ..... since she found out that she was pregnant.
A) smoke
B) to smoke
C) smoking
D) the smoking

13) If we're going to catch that train we ....... leave now.
A) would be better to
B) would better
C) had better
D) should have

14) Acts of Parliament ..... signed by the King before becoming law.
A) are
B) will be
C) are to be
D) are being

15) Let's meet at eight in front of the restaurant, .... ?
A) isn't it
B) don't we
C) shall we
D) shan't we

16) The presentation was ...... well prepared but the speaker spoke too ......
A) extreme / quick
B) extreme / fastly
C) extremely / fast
D) extremely / quick

17) I thought the questions were ...... easy.
A) relative
B) relatively
C) real
D) extreme

18) Please ........ to post that letter tomorrow.
A) remember yourself
B) remember me
C) remind me
D) remind

19) I was very sorry ........ the bad news.
A) hear
B) hearing
C) to hear
D) of hearing

20) My boss expects ........ the project by the end of the month.
A) that I finish
B) me to finish
C) me finishing
D) me that I finish

21) My wife will never agree ..... my spending 12 weeks in the UK.
A) with
B) to
C) for
D) about

22) The application ....... the IT department.
A) installed
B) is installing
C) was installed by
D) has installed

23) On ...... of Macrohard Inc. may I welcome you to our Leeds headquarters.
A) name
B) account
C) part
D) behalf

24) Oh, what lovely flowers! When ....... them?
A) have you bought
B) bought you
C) did you buy
D) had you bought

25) I could never get used ......... on the other side of the road.
A) to driving
B) to drive
C) driving
D) drive


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