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Language Test

Please try the test: My Home Is My Castle Quiz

1) The typical rows of houses seen in the UK are called....
A) housing rows
B) row houses
C) terraced houses
D) detached houses

2) Where in your house would you find the attic?
A) In the garden
B) Under the roof
C) In the cellar
D) In the bedroom

3) What is meant by a 'semi'?
A) a small house
B) A rented house
C) One half of a house that is designed for two families
D) Another word for an apartment

4) Which of these words is the odd one out (means something different to the others)?
A) flat
B) apartment
C) condominium
D) cottage

5) The paved area adjoining your house where you can sit outside in the summer is called the...
A) terrace
B) pavement
C) decking
D) patio

6) The company or person that helps you buy or sell a house is called the...
A) estate agent
B) property broker
C) housing salesman
D) facility manager

7) The bank loan used to finance a house purchase is called a ....
A) loan
B) credit
C) annuity loan
D) mortgage

8) In your garden the small structure where you store your tools is usually called a .....
A) garden shed
B) garden hut
C) gazebo
D) conservatory

9) The room where you would usually take a shower is called the ....
A) bath
B) bathroom
C) loo
D) airing cupboard

10) Lots of old English houses have a(n) ...... where you can sit and look at the fire
A) oven
B) open fireplace
C) chimney
D) stove

11) In American English it is called real estate, in the UK we call it .....
A) property
B) ownership
C) accommodation
D) landlord

12) Some houses have a separate...... where the occupants eat their meals
A) eating room
B) restaurant
C) dining room
D) sitting room

13) The paved area in front of your house where you park your car is called the....
A) drive
B) garage
C) sidewalk
D) car port

14) A 'stand-alone' house is called a(n) ........
A) one-family house
B) detached house
C) terraced house
D) condominium

15) What is an en suite bathroom?
A) A bathroom that is attached to a bedroom
B) A bathroom designed in a French style
C) A bathroom that is outside
D) A bathroom without a WC

16) Where in your house would you find the loft?
A) In the garden
B) Under the roof
C) In the cellar
D) In the garage

17) If you have an office at home this is often called the ...
A) home office
B) study
C) library
D) lounge

18) What is the landing?
A) The area at the top of the stairs
B) A paved area in front of the house
C) Another name for the garage
D) Another name for a helipad (only for millionaires' houses)

19) The financial institution that often lends people money to fund housebuying is called a ...
A) bank
B) building society
C) construction company
D) thrift

20) In the UK the standard way to measure the size of a house is by...
A) square feet
B) number of bedrooms
C) square metres
D) size of garden


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