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Language Test

Please try the test: Social English Quiz

1) If somebody sneezes you say...
A) Good health
B) Cheers
C) Bless You
D) Attention

2) Which of these expressions can NOT be used to reply to 'Thank You'?
A) You're welcome
B) My pleasure
C) No problem
D) Please

E) Don't mention it

3) Which of these expressions can NOT be replaced by 'Cheers'?
A) Good Health
B) Thank you
C) Goodbye
D) Bless you

4) Which of the following expressions would you NOT usually hear in an English pub?
A) It's my round!
B) What'll you have?
C) Have one yourself!
D) Could we have the bill please?

5) Which of these expressions should you NOT use if you want to sit at a stranger's table in a pub?
A) Is this anybody's seat?
B) Do you mind if I join you?
C) May I sit down?
D) Is this seat taken?

E) Can I take place?

6) If a restaurant menu says a 'discretionary service charge' will be added to your bill this means...
A) You're expected to leave a tip in addition to the amount on the bill.
B) You're not expected to leave an additional tip.
C) Service isn't included.
D) You only leave a tip if the waiter was very discreet about your companion's age.

E) The restaurant has already added a tip but you don't have to pay it if you don't want to.

7) When do you use the phrase 'How do you do'?
A) To ask about someone's job
B) To ask if someone enjoys their job
C) When you meet someone for the first time
D) Every time you meet someone

8) Which of these questions would you NOT usually hear from a sales assistant in an English shop?
A) Can I help you?
B) Are you being served?
C) What can I get you?
D) Are you being attended to?

9) The best reply to 'How are you' is...
A) Thank you
B) How do you do
C) Fine, thanks
D) Thank you, good

E) Thank you, fine

10) Which expression is NOT usually used if it is someone's birthday?
A) Congratulations
B) Happy Birthday
C) Many Happy Returns
D) Many happy returns of the day

11) What is a leaving do?
A) A reason for leaving a company
B) A party thrown when an employee leaves
C) An argument causing an employee to resign
D) A tax form that employees receive when they resign

12) In colloquial British English 'ta' means....
A) Goodbye
B) Hello
C) Thank you
D) Darling

13) Before starting to eat in the UK you should say ...
A) Good appetite
B) Bon appetit
C) Nothing
D) Let it taste you

14) If you want to borrow someone's cigarette lighter you should say
A) Can I have fire?
B) Do you have fire?
C) Have you got a light?
D) Could I have your lighter?

15) Which of these words is the odd one out (means something different to the others)?
A) tip
B) gratuity
C) service charge
D) fine


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