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Language Test

Please try the test: Telephoning English Test

1) The part of the telephone that you hold in your hand and speak into is called the ...
A) hearer
B) headset
C) receiver
D) holder

2) In American English a mobile phone is also known as a ...
A) handy
B) cell phone
C) phone cell
D) portable phone

3) The individual number for a person's office phone is their ...
A) extension
B) switchboard
C) dial-through
D) office switch

4) "Please could you put me ..... to Mr Crawford"
A) up
B) across
C) through
D) --

E) over

5) If you answer the phone and the caller asks to speak to you personally, you usually reply ...
A) Here is speaking [and say your name].
B) This is me
C) Speaking
D) Here I am

E) On the phone

6) Which of these words is the odd one out (means something different to the others)?
A) mobile phone
B) cell phone
C) mobile
D) handy

E) cellular phone

7) In American English what is a 'collect call' ?
A) A telephone call from the US Postal Service asking you to collect a parcel.
B) A call that is paid for by the person receiving the call.
C) Another name for a conference call.
D) A cold call from a sales company.

8) In British English we use the expression 'freefone number' to denote a call that doesn't cost anything; in the US the equivalent is ...
A) a collect call number
B) a free-dial number
C) a toll-free number
D) a free-to-air number

E) a freecall number

9) "Sorry I didn't quite catch your surname. Would you mind ..... it for me?"
A) repeat
B) to repeat
C) repeating
D) say again

10) Which of these adjectives do we usually use in a telephoning context to mean that the line is busy?
A) engaged
B) occupied
C) full
D) used

11) In the UK the service that you can call to find out a residential telephone number is known as ....
A) information
B) unknown number inquiry service
C) directory inquiries
D) yellow pages

12) In the UK the number for the emergency services is ...
A) 555
B) 123
C) 999
D) 000

13) What is the STD code?
A) The UK name for the area code
B) The phone number of a clinic treating sexually transmitted diseases
C) Another name for the country code
D) A code required when you switch your telephone provider

14) The service enabling you to see a list of all the calls you have made is known as ...
A) detailed billing
B) listed billing
C) accounting billing
D) itemised billing

15) "I will call ..... you this evening."
A) back
B) to
C) with
D) --


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