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Please try the test: Trains, Planes and Automobiles Quiz

1) In American English the place at the back of a car where you transport luggage is called the ...
A) boot
B) hood
C) trunk
D) luggage room

2) In motoring English what is a jack?
A) A car theft
B) A slang name for a chaufffeur
C) A device for lifting a car enabling the driver to change a wheel
D) Another name for the ignition key

3) The narrow passage between the rows of seats in an aeroplane is called the ...
A) gangway
B) corridor
C) aisle
D) gang

4) On a train you can get something to eat or drink in the ...
A) board bistro
B) restaurant wagon
C) moving bar
D) buffet car

5) If you want your car to go backwards you use the ..... gear
A) reverse
B) rear wheel drive
C) backwards
D) back

6) On a train or bus what does the conductor do?
A) He is the driver
B) He checks tickets
C) He helps passengers with their luggage
D) He is responsible for passenger safety

7) Where can you leave your suitcases at a railway station?
A) In the left luggage lockers
B) At lost property
C) In the lockable compartments
D) In the safe

8) If you break down on a motorway you stop on the ...
A) standing strip
B) slow lane
C) hard shoulder
D) service station

9) Before you turn left or right in a car you should ...
A) indicate
B) blink
C) wink
D) wave

10) In the UK a road with two lanes in each direction is called a ...
A) motorway
B) highway
C) dual carriageway
D) four-lane road

11) Who or what is a fare dodger?
A) A ticket inspector
B) Someone who tries to travel without a ticket
C) A subsidised train ticket
D) A bus conductor

12) Which of these expressions do we NOT use in English?
A) park place
B) car park
C) parking lot
D) multi-storey car park

13) On traffic lights the 'middle' colour is called ...
A) yellow
B) orange
C) amber
D) red

14) Which of these verbs is the odd one out (means something different to the others)?
A) to disembark
B) to alight
C) to board
D) to get off

15) What are motorway services?
A) The special police forces that patrol the motorways
B) Places on a motorway where you can stop for a drink and something to eat
C) Another name for motorway roadworks
D) Companies that repair and maintain motorways

16) In an aeroplane heavy luggage and cargo is stored in the ...
A) cargo room
B) stowaway
C) hold
D) excess baggage room

17) In British English if you need to see your car engine you look under the ...
A) hood
B) trunk
C) bonnet
D) hubcap

18) What does an odometer measure?
A) How fresh your car interior smells
B) How much fuel your car consumes
C) How far you have driven
D) How powerful your car engine is

19) A passenger train consists of several ...
A) wagons
B) carriages
C) compartments
D) departments

20) What is a revenue protection officer's job?
A) Checking tickets
B) Financial controllling and accounting
C) Repairing damaged railway lines
D) Driving a train


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